Hölscher + Leuschner

Future-proof animal husbandry

Animal welfare, emissions and profitability

are the key challenges facing today's farmers.

We combine our experience with our technologies

to develop sustainable livestock housing solutions. 

pig fattening barn technology barn construction emsland

Pig farming

Whether for sow management, piglet production or pig fattening, we draw on a wealth of experience.

We can handle end-to-end implementations as a general contractor, but always in line with your own requirements - both in terms of specific planning as well as any parts of the project that you prefer to handle yourself.


turkey fattening turkey fattening house poultry farming emsland

Poultry farming

With the right poultry housing concepts and techniques, you can achieve good results with high efficiency.

Whether for laying hens or chicken/turkey fattening, 

we have various methods and techniques 

that can significantly improve performance: e.g. better cooling in summer, reduced use of disinfectants without compromising on hygiene... 

hall construction

Construction of halls

We can take care of the whole process - from project planning a hall to approval procedures and acceptance - to realize the right solution for you.

We can build all kinds of halls and sheds for industrial, commercial and agricultural purposes: production halls, vehicle sheds, machine halls, storage sheds for hay or vegetables such as potatoes, equipment halls, connecting halls, etc.

Professional advice

Ideas need to evolve and be developed. Our experienced agricultural consultants support you with help and advice right from the start, in the early planning phase.


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